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How to Manage a Remote Team Working Across Different Time Zones

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Configure each of the daily time zones to route incoming calls to a dedicated target number or call group. Morning calls, midday calls, afternoon calls and calls received during the evening can take different call paths based on the staff rotation or changes to the department shift patterns. Our Multi-time Zone solution allows businesses to allocate inbound calls to specific departments or staff by setting time of day call routing. Many businesses have multiple departments including sales – Multi-time Zones ensures that every call reaches the department most likely to be available during the time of the call. Bringing the right people on board will enable smooth running of your business and it’s important to have somebody you trust to manage the team and be responsible for its daily operations. Finding quality second tier management will allow you to address the challenge of coordinating your international teams.

Our study examined globally distributed collaboration at a
relatively early stage of its development. As the global
economy continues to develop, we expect that working
across global time zones will become more common and
more people will encounter the issues we identified. We
expect that our proposed design implications will start an
iterative process of identifying and meeting the needs of
collaborators who need to work across global time zone
differences. ABSTRACT
We conducted interviews with sixteen members of teams
that worked across global time zone differences. Despite
time zone differences of about eight hours, collaborators
still found time to synchronously meet. The interviews
identified the diverse strategies teams used to find time
windows to interact, which often included times outside of
the normal workday and connecting from home to

Project management and collaboration tools

Global employee advocacy and social selling programs can significantly benefit an organisation. Still, you must understand your challenges when dealing with global factors and cultural differences. On your part, you just need to focus on solid communication and what strategies can help them achieve that. If you transparently communicate your pain points to your technology partner managing multiple time zones won’t be much of an issue. Today, it’s no more a jaw-dropping scenario if clients and service providers work in different time zones. Still, from management’s viewpoint, it’s interesting to know how something like this is sustainable.

  • When we invite people to meet virtually, we need to consider availability in a very different way and schedule to suit.
  • This highlights the importance of effective employee advocacy and social selling programs to create a positive workplace culture and employee satisfaction.
  • It’s also important to make sure you communicate your travel plans with your senior team so they can plan accordingly and know when you’ll be uncontactable.
  • Most of the teams with multiple people at
    each site (T6, T7, T9, T10) used video in a conference room

We will never be able to change our human circadian rhythms, even though some of us may be early birds and others night owls. Time separation on a global team presents one of the biggest physical, cognitive and emotional challenges. In the past we used to always default to meeting during the work day in Grand Rapids, Mich. (U.S. Eastern Time) because that is where most people are based and make our Asia team members stay up late. Serendipitous encounters with colleagues are still limited not only by our current situation but also by our current technologies.

Radically remote: uniting and motivating a team across time zones

Our virtual socials have involved scavenger hunts and cocktail making, and at Christmas, we join forces for festive fun. We give each employee £100 to spend on food, drinks and decorations, and then the remote revelry begins. Creating a virtual community amongst distant colleagues can be notoriously tricky, with loneliness, mental health worries and Zoom fatigue among the biggest concerns. But over the last two years, we’ve explored innovative ways to unite our teams. We now have 60 brilliant employees peppered across 17 countries – including Columbia, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, and France – and we have swapped our traditional London office for a riverside hub, with breakout areas, sofas and a bar. Trust in your team
One of the most crucial elements of managing a global team is learning to delegate responsibility, and trust in your team’s experience and expertise.

working across multiple time zones

While our teams work flexibly, collaborating on early or late calls, nobody can make every catch-up. But by videoing those calls and circulating notes, we keep everyone in the loop. When you can’t grab a colleague for a coffee and chat, communication becomes even more critical. Slack particularly helps us execute projects seamlessly across three continents, whether communication is synchronous. Our team members can custom set their status too, reminding others where they’re located around the globe.

Pay extra attention to your colleagues who are on the phone or on video

But as teams grow and expand across multiple time zones, the challenge becomes even more intricate. With an increasing number of companies transitioning into international business, and remote working becoming more and more accessible, a growing number of leaders are facing new logistical challenges. When a team is distributed across different locations, time zones, and cultures, there is potential for miscommunication. This so-called “communication gap” can be a significant concern for remote teams. Next, use time-tracking tools in order to determine when each person is committed to deadlines.

working across multiple time zones

Last year, voluntary resignations exceeded 47 million in the States and this March, US workers left their jobs a record 4.5million times. This means hiring people who embrace flexibility, from rising at the crack of dawn to meet Australia, to juggling their evening with a call to Canada. For our Westerly colleagues, it also means being comfortable with drinking coffee on our Zoom catch up, while I sip a sundowner. Managing a small group is a great idea, but there are certain things you need to be careful of while doing so. Organizations in several countries are designed for the remote coordination of their teams.


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