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Paraguay Wedding Customs

By March 30, 2023June 19th, 2023No Comments

Whether it has a spiritual, civil or perhaps consensual union, marriage is an important part of Paraguayan culture. Whilst Paraguayan marriages can be a bit a smaller amount lavish than Western ones, they still combine classic rituals with modern prices.

This consists of a lot of family-related ceremonies. For example , it’s common for the groom and bride to be accompanied by padrinos and madrinas, which can be like the lord parents that help guide the couple throughout their very own marriage. It may be also common for a marriage ceremony for being followed by a particular meal honestly, that is prepared by the couple’s family and friends.

One of the most remarkable traditions in Paraguay is definitely when the soon-to-be spouse gives the woman 13 gold coins called todos los arras. This is a symbol of the apostles and represents good luck for the newlyweds. In addition to these gifts, the groom and bride are traditionally presented with a hahm container, which has gifts of their family members and friends.

Another different tradition in Paraguay is the bride’s wearing of twenty garters, 1 for each one woman that is to be hitched. The soon-to-be husband then selects a garter to take out from the woman and places it in the single the female thigh, noted when ligas. This really is a fun method to show from the couples’ like and value for each other.


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